Regulation of registration

The scientific committee of the WAO (Word Allergy Organization) Congress and the Colombian Association of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), invites clinical researchers, physicians, biologists or any other health area to present their research papers and case reports at the WAO-ACAAI 2017 Congress.

All undergraduate and postgraduate students participating in the academic call will not pay for registration.

Those researchers who are undergraduate and postgraduate students in any area related to allergy and/or immunology (master’s, doctorate or specialization) who submit and present scientific research or case reports prior to the date indicated will have complete exemption from registration,certifying through license or registration of the institution to the operator signature event student status.

The co-authors of an accepted paper different from the author-exhibitor must pay for the registration.

Please read the guidelines below carefully before submitting your abstract. Acknowledgment of receipt of your shipment will be sent to the main author’s email address within 72 hours after shipment. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please do not send the summary again, instead contact the operator signature event email:Acaai@contacticacomunicaciones.comor phone: (57) (4) 4442154 – (57) 3005323628 for further instructions.

  • Abstracts can only be sent electronically through the Congress website. In the following link:
  • • It is allowed to be the author of the presentation of more than one abstract.
  • • It is allowed to be a co-author of more than one abstract.
  • • Submission of similar abstracts from the same research is not advised.
  • • Abstracts will only be considered for presentation if they have not been submitted to previous and published events.

Thematic areas:

  • • Immunology; Molecular and genetical allergology
  • • Secondary immunodeficiencies
  • Secondary immunodeficiencies
  • • Rheumatological diseases
  • • Transplantation and oncological diseases
  • • Skin allergies (urticaria, dermatitis, chronic prurigo, etc.)
  • • Respiratory allergies (asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.)
  • • Gastrointestinal allergy (eosinophilia, food reaction, etc.)

Language and Length of Abstracts

Abstracts and presentations must be written in English or Spanish. The maximum length allowed for a summary is 2500 characters (approximately 250 words), including blank spaces. The abstract title, author or institution names are not included in the 2500 character count.

Structure and content of abstracts

To make the summary informative, you can subtitle the paragraphs in the following order: Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion.

The abstract title and body text should only include non-patented (generic) names. Trade names are not allowed. In case the research includes patients and data that allow it to be identified, make it clear in the summary record that it was approved by the allergy committee.

Authors’ references, credits, academic qualifications or grant supports will not be included in the abstract. Standard abbreviations may be used in the text. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after they appear in the body of the text. Company names are not permitted in the title, but may be named in the authors’ filiation.

Duplication of publications

The WAO and ACAAI do not accept re-submissions; abstracts must correspond to unpublished original works. In submitting a summary, the author confirms that the abstract was not presented / published at another meeting and that the full document was not submitted or published.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

The ACAAI is committed to ensure the integrity of its scientific, educational and research programs. Submission of summaries requires the disclosure of any financial or other interest that may be interpreted as the result of actual, potential or apparent conflict.

Presentation formats and themes

Abstracts accepted after selection by national and international expert reviewers will be presented at any of the following sessions: Oral Sessions or Poster Session (regular canvas posters). Authors may indicate their choice of preferred type of presentation in the space provided. In addition, authors should indicate the thematic area to which their abstract will be assigned. Please note that the final decisions on the assignment and the type of presentation of the abstract submitted will be made by the Scientific Committee of the program.

Oral presentation

The Oral Abstract Sessions will be done through PowerPoint. They consist of presentations of six minutes each, followed by four minutes of discussion. The sessions are introduced by a conference given by one of the coordinators.

Presentation poster

It will be held in designated areas for the location of the poster. The speaker must be present during the assigned time to answer the questions of the evaluator and the visitors. It is suggested to prepare a brief description of your work in case it is requested by the evaluator. In the event that your work is accepted for this type of presentation, the operator will send you a GUIDE for the preparation of your poster.

Regulatory Awards

The first, second and third positions will be selected from the scientific research presented in poster mode and oral presentation.

The criteria for selecting the first, second and third place in each presentation mode are:

  • • Originality of the research.
  • • Impact on your area of application.
  • • Clearness in the writing of the summary and presentation.

The review of the abstracts and the selection of the winning papers will be done by an evaluation committee organized for this purpose.

Researchers of the awarded papers in the first, second, and third-places will receive a WAO-ACAAI-certified diploma stating their recognition and award-winning research. In addition, the researcher who submits the investigations awarded as first, second and third positions will receive the equivalent in Colombian pesos of US dollars $ 300, U $ 200 and U $ 100 in force at the date of the call opening.

Case reports will not be awarded, but will be reviewed and a recognition will be made to the selected ones through a WAO – ACAAI certificate.


Deadline for submission of work: July 2, 2017